This is MPC Energy Solutions

Global provider of sustainable energy solutions

Renewable Energy plays an essential role on the way to global decarbonization and the reduction of emissions. Over 50 countries now aim to reach 100% share of renewables by 2050​ and the need for sustainable energy projects is massively on the rise.

MPC Energy Solutions (MPCES) is a global provider of sustainable energy and primarily focuses on low-carbon energy infrastructure, including solar and wind assets, and other hybrid and energy efficiency solutions. The company participates in the full project lifecycle of renewable solutions, from early-stage development through construction and operation. MPC Energy Solutions is based in Amsterdam and listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

Due to a long-standing network and expertise in the LATAM and Caribbean region, MPCES focuses  on expanding its portfolio in this region before going on to other regions.

MPC Energy Solutions main business activity is to (i.) develop, construct, own and operate renewable energy assets globally, (ii.) technically and commercially operate the renewable energy assets and generate energy, and (iii.) sell the energy.

As such MPC Energy Solutions is a one-stop-shop for sustainable energy worldwide.

Pipeline Build Up Approach

Offer energy supply that meets the actual demand and load profile of off-taker such as a corporate, utility or other public/private institutions (universities etc.)

Bilateral discussion and negotiation of power purchase agreements or energy saving contracts with corporates, utilities or traders rather than focus on national government tenders avoiding high degree of competition

Embedded in local “ecosystem” and network learning early about new opportunities and retaining local partners as long as possible in projects rather than offering the usual “buy-out”

General focus on small to medium sized projects with capacity <75 MW, but higher profitability, sustainability and faster implementation.

Allocation of capital to create diversified portfolio with no cluster risks to single projects (typically max. 10% of equity in single asset)